Congratulations!  We guess that you are engaged to be married and are planning your wedding, or you may even be helping someone close to you to plan theirs.Welcome Page

My fiancé proposed to me on 6 May 2008 after 4 years of being together.  As soon as we got engaged we went into wedding planning mode.  When we discussed the sort of wedding we wanted we realised that we needed to start saving our pennies.  We both wanted to get married in church and then to have a reception for about 100 people afterwards.  I am lucky enough that my parents live in the country and have quite a big garden so we decided that we would look into putting a marquee in the garden for the reception venue.

After a year of planning and work we tied the knot on 16 May 2009.  It was the most amazing and perfect day which didn’t cost the earth.

Welcome 2We knew that there would be other couples out there that were struggling to afford to pay for their big day so we decided to start a website that would hopefully assist others in their quest for the perfect wedding day.  On this site you will find useful planning tips and ideas which include money saving tips and ways to boost your wedding budget.  Our biggest tips for you is to ALWAYS NEGOTIATE with suppliers and to also involve any willing family and friends to help out.  To discover many more specific ideas please explore this site.

We both hope you find this site useful and should you have any ideas we could post on the site to help other fellow brides/grooms in their planning or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, either by leaving a comment below, or by email at contact1@helppayformywedding.co.uk!

Happy planning and we both hope you have the day you have always wanted.

Oh, and without taking the shine off your planning, we did fork out for wedding insurance, and it gave us peace of mind as we planned our wedding!

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